High Security Options

Admirals Lock & Security is Proud to offer 3 levels of higher security options than typical, store-bought locks and keys found in mass merchants, hardware stores, even other security providers. High Security can be as simple as restricted keys, drill & pick-resistant cylinders, even heavier-duty hardware. Let’s look at the choices we provide, from best to good:

CYBERLOCK is a key-centric access control system that provides full featured access control to every locking point in a facility without wiring. Receive audit trails and reports on every lock and key to know who was where and when. Secure anything anywhere with over 350 different lock options. Choose from a variety of locks, keys, communicators and software packages for full customization and personalized security. Set permissions and schedules for each key holder to restrict access and expire key permissions to increase accountability and eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys.  BEST!


Great features include tightly restricted mechanical keys and pick/drill resistant locks. Keys are stamped with serial numbers and master-keying is no problem. No other secuity provider has the key blanks, so your staff cannot obtain replacement or spare keys wthout your authorization. Keymark is also made in the USA. BETTER!


High Security on a budget! Restricted key blanks only available from us, pick-resistant locks, stamped keys with serial numbers, master-keyable. Imported. GOOD!

Feel fee to contact us for more information. We address small systems to large multiple-location systems. Let us show you how to reach a much higher level of 'Peace-of-Mind'. Investing in upgrades from Admirals Lock pays back in savings of money, time and aggravation!

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